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Because a child's batteries never die!

Every week we endeavor to create a fun, exciting, and spiritually engaging service for every child who walks in the doors of Spirit Life Church.  We believe that church should be a place that kids love and should be one of the highlights of every week.


Our nursery facilities are located on the first floor in the Adult Classroom area.  There you will find our Infant and Walker classrooms.  Our nursery team is dedicated to providing a safe environment for every child and showing them an attitude of love each week.  When you drop off your child we ask that you sign in and provide us some information to help us care for your child while you enjoy the worship service.  If you are a nursing mother we invite you to come into the Infant nursery to watch the worship service as you care for your little one.


Our 3-5 year olds have an exciting time each week in our Preschool classroom.  This classroom is located on the second floor in our Student Ministry area.  Our preschool ministry team endeavor to engage the kids every week with activities, lessons, crafts, songs, and games.  These kids also get to go outside when weather permits and play on the gated playground beside the church building.  When dropping off your child we ask that a parent or guardian check them in.


Our elementary age kids have a blast each week.  On Sunday mornings we have an exciting Kid's Church service.  We use lots of music, games, prizes, and a powerful message designed to not only keep their attention but also to teach them how to operate in the supernatural presence of God.  Our philosophy is that children can do amazing things if they are taught properly and have the opportunity to enter into the presence of God every week.  Each service ends in a powerful altar experience where the children are prayed for and given the opportunity to enter into the presence of God.  When dropping off your child we ask that a parent or guardian check them in.