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Because a child's batteries never die!

At Spirit Life Kids we are dedicated to teaching kids the Word of God. Our purpose is actually three fold.


Showing kids the love of God
Many times you don't know a child is going through. We strive to be a shining light to kids who may not have a light in their life. We are dedicated to teaching them about the love of God by showing God's love through us.


Teaching the Word of God
We strive to lay a foundation for the kids on God's Word. During services at Spirit Life kids are not only learning what the Bible says; but also, they are learning to use the Bible in their every day life.


Walking with God
We teach kids how to walk with God. We want them to understand why it is important to pray and read the Bible. Children are learning how to have a real relationship with God.


We are so excited to be a blessing to these amazing kids. It is an honor to serve!

 Our Kid's Ministry consists of three areas...

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