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What to expect

When you first enter our church you will be greeted by some of the friendliest people you will ever meet in our open foyer.  Our greeting team is there to welcome you and help you find everything you need.

 To your right you will see Connection Point Cafe which is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and talk with people before the worship service.  

To your left you will see our main hallway that leads to our restrooms, administrative office, nursery, as well as our adult classrooms.  

You will also see a stairway which leads upstairs to our second level.  On our second level you will find our preschool, elementary, and student ministry departments.  


Sunday School - 10:00 am

Sunday Worship - 11:00 am
Midweek Service - Wednesday at 7:00 pm

Check In


What is your church like?

Spirit Life Church is really a mix of different cultures, ages, and backgrounds.  In fact, this makes it really easy to get connected and feel welcomed.  You are welcome to come as casual or as formal as you'd like.  We only ask that you come a little early so we can get to know you and show you around.

What does a Sunday service look like?
We start our morning service at 11 am on Sundays.  We start out with a song from our worship set and then take some time to greet each other and say hello.  We will continue our worship set typically for the first half hour.  After that we will find out about upcoming events by watching our weekly announcement video (you can view this on the homepage) and taking up an offering.  Then our Senior Pastor will present a powerful message.  Our services typically last for an hour and a half.  We try to be conscious of the time but will go longer if we feel that God has plans to do something amazing.  We love it when God has a special plan.

Where do my kids go?

That depends on their age.  The first thing you will need to do is check your kids into their classrooms.  Our nursery is downstairs in the main hallway for ages birth to 2 yrs.  Your 3-5 yr old will enjoy our Jr Kids Church which is upstairs at the end of the hallway.  Your elemementry age kids will have a blast upstairs in Kids Church.

On Sunday mornings our middle and high school students join us in the main auditorium for the worship service.  On Wednesday nights our middle and high school students meet in the youth room upstairs.

Where are your different classes located?

That's a great question!  We have small group classes that meet on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am and on Wednesday nights.  Our classes are on the first and second floors of the building.  Look below to find the right class for you and your family.

On Sunday mornings at 10:00 am we have the following small group classes available:

Preschool (ages 3-5) - Room 209

Elementary Kids - Room 206
6th-12th Grade Students - Room 203
Adult Class - Room 105

We start our Sunday worship service at 11:00 am.  Here's where everyone goes:

Infant Nursery - Room 102
Toddler Nursery - Room 104
Preschool (ages 3-5) - Room 209
Elementary Kid's Church - Room 206
Youth and Adults - Main Sanctuary

On Wednesday night service begins in the main auditorium at 7:00pm with family worship.  At 7:30 we dismiss into small group classes.

Nursery (birth to 2 yrs) - Room 104
Preschool (3 yrs to 5 yrs) - Room 209
Elementary Kids - Room 204
6th-12th Grade Students - Room 203
Young Adults - Room 205
Adult Small Group - Room 105
Overcomers Recovery Group - Room 101
Flat Tire Ministry - Administrative Office

Where are your restrooms?
No worries.  The restrooms are located on the main hallway.  Go there if you need to freshen up or if you need a quick bio-break.  The kids have their own restrooms available upstairs.

What do you believe?
We believe that faith is really a simple matter.  Jesus is Lord and He came to earth over 2,000 years ago to die for us.  He took our sins and everything that would keep us from experiencing the fullness of the life God intends for us.  We believe that if you confess Jesus as your Lord and you believe that God raised Him from the dead then you will be saved and made brand new on the inside.  After that we work together as a family to build relationships with other people with the hope that they too will come to know Jesus and experience new life in Him.  That is how we accomplish our vision of "transforming ordinary lives into an extraordinary life!"

Sure there's more to our faith than just that.  But there is nothing more important than what you just read and we won't compromise on that.  If you want more info about our doctrinal beliefs you can find them at http://www.churchofgod.org/beliefs/church-of-god-is.

What if I want to know more?
That's a great question.  And you know what?  We want to know more about you too.  At the end of service we would love to have you join us in Connection Pointe Cafe to meet our welcome team and find out more about what God is doing here at Spirit Life Church.